Watch James take on Red Hill

The Segment

Interestingly, the four previous KOM owners all set their times on the same day during a hill climb challenge event back in 2012. Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio still holds the QOM with a time of 8 minutes and 10 seconds, which happens to be the same pace as the previous mens KOM holders, Carl Pasio (Ashleigh's husband), Charles Keey, and Jean de Villiers.

How do I ride this segment?

Go out there and ride the segment to get your name into the draw for R30,000 of Contego unit trusts (further details below).

The usually traffic light Red Hill is a good option if you want to add some climbing to your peninsula rides. It's also a popular spot for interval training.

The segment starts on the Simon's Town side of Red Hill. From this side, you come off Main Road (M4) just outside Simon's Town to start the Redhill Road climb. The Red Hill In to Lookout segment begins a couple hundred metres from the start of Redhill Road.

Please ride safely and adhere to all the rules of the road. There is no prize for being the fastest on the segment, so no need to act recklessly.