This sounds simple, but it’s often harder than one thinks. Especially when teams catch and pass you and all you want to do is throw a few matches at the challenge! As we all know, the number of matches in our matchboxes are finite … they are to be kept in your back skyrocket for very important moments!

Getting the job done. Photo credit: Zoon Cronje.

While the stage encompassed a lot of the usual Epic terrain (think Klein Karoo shrubbery and farm roads) we did venture into and climb out of two or three spectacular kloofs (no wait, the plural must be kloowe. Please help this soutie met die korrekte word). Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, but yoh, they were mooi.

It’s almost 9 pm as I write this and fatigue is starting to set in … my brain is devoid of power as it’s all been redirected to my legs … so I’m going to call it a day now and close up my computer. If you’ve got a few minutes check out my Santa Cruz Blur here.

Till tomorrow dudes and dudettes ...