The following riders have been selected according to the 2013 Cycling SA-MTB Selection Criteria:

Elite Men:

Max Knox

Charles Keey

Lourens Luus

Nico Bell

Elite Women:

Robyn de Groot

Samantha Sanders

Candice Neethling

The criteria and performance levels detailed in the approved Mountain Bike Selection Policy were followed closely. The relevant data from the 8 nominated selection races were gathered and assessed against the performance criteria for all riders competing in the Elite Women and Elite Men categories. These are the only categories provided for at World MTB Marathon Championships.

According to the Special Rules for the Mountain Bike Marathon Series, the top 20 men and women of each round of the UCI marathon series as well as the top 50 of the individual general marathon series ranking obtain a qualification for the UCI MTB Marathon World Championships.

Please note that if a rider falls within this special rule, they are entitled to participate at the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships, however the travel expenses are for their own account and they are obliged to compete in National Federation cycle kit.

All riders must confirm their kit requirement with Dellah Paul immediately so that the cycling kit can be ordered. Dellah can be reached by email at, or by mobile on 082 781 5656.