Shimano XTR Di2

The team from Coolheat had a test bike fitted with Shimano XTR Di2 3x11. Arriving at the stand we gave them a bit of a grilling about it's practicality on a mountain bike. But after trying our best to confuse the 3x11 synchronous shifting (and prove them wrong) we left impressed.

The shifting is super smooth, precise and although a ratio overkill, the 3x11 set up showed off XTR Di2's operation in the most complex setup.

Shimano XTR Di2-1.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-3.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-4.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-5.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-6.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-7.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-9.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-10.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-12.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-13.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-14.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-15.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-17.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-19.jpg

Shimano XTR Di2-20.jpg

Pinarello Dogma F8 with Shimano Dura Ace Di2

An instant crowd puller we were accompanied by a "security" escort bringing this beauty to our couch for some shots. Priced at over R180k just taking photos was a nerve wracking task. Though with 40 sales and 10 on pre-order they're on our roads. Fess up! Which of you Hubbers have one? ;)

Pinarello F8-1.jpg

Pinarello F8-2.jpg

Pinarello F8-3.jpg

Pinarello F8-4.jpg

Pinarello F8-5.jpg

Pinarello F8-6.jpg

Pinarello F8-7.jpg

Pinarello F8-8.jpg

Pinarello F8-9.jpg

Pinarello F8-10.jpg

Pinarello F8-11.jpg

Pinarello F8-12.jpg

Pinarello F8-13.jpg

Pinarello F8-14.jpg

Pinarello F8-15.jpg

Pinarello F8-16.jpg

Giant Propel with Shimano Dura Ace Di2

No escorts this time, but another top end, super aero roadie over the R100k mark (around R140k). The Giant Propel does look quick...

Giant Propel-1.jpg

Giant Propel-2.jpg

Giant Propel-3.jpg

Giant Propel-4.jpg

Giant Propel-5.jpg

Giant Propel-6.jpg

Giant Propel-7.jpg

Giant Propel-8.jpg

Giant Propel-9.jpg

Giant Propel-10.jpg

Giant Propel-11.jpg

Giant Propel-12.jpg

Giant Propel-13.jpg

Ritchey Swiss Cross with Shimano Ultegra Di2

A steel framed, carbon fork cyclo-cross bike from Ritchey with some electronic gearing to boot.

Ritchey Cyclocross-1.jpg

Ritchey Cyclocross-2.jpg

Ritchey Cyclocross-3.jpg

Ritchey Cyclocross-4.jpg

Ritchey Cyclocross-5.jpg

Ritchey Cyclocross-6.jpg

Ritchey Cyclocross-7.jpg