Cherise Stander

Vital Stats

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Currently lives:
In between places

Cherise is inspired by different people every day, especially by those people who are happy and content with their lives, as well as everyday living and nature. “It helps me to be grateful for what I have.”

Amongst Cherise’s greatest achievements, she highlights her second place at the road cycling junior World Championships, and a stage win in 2012 La Route de France as her stand out moments. Cherise also has two Cycle Tour titles under her belt. “I just love that event, and it is always amazing to win it.”

“I would like to be remembered for being happy and loving the sport, and for helping to motivate other people to get on their bikes.”

The hardest part of being a woman cyclist?
“Not being treated fairly and having some people believe that we women don't deserve the same recognition as the men.”

Photo: Zoon Cronje