All available entries were snapped up in just eight hours when they opened last month, taking the race organisers by surprise and leaving many local would-be entrants disappointed.

David Bellairs, a director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, said: “We have decided to reallocate some entries which had been reserved for various groups and international participants. By doing this we will be making an additional 3 000 individual entries available to local riders.”

Entries made available last month had been allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, but the additional 3 000 will be assigned through a “random selection” process.

Bellairs explained: “Riders wishing to secure an entry will be given a week to register their interest on our website. The available entries will then be allocated to individuals on a ‘ballot-style’ basis, after which fees will become payable. We believe this to be the fairest way to allocate the remaining entries without prejudicing participants and overloading our systems.”

He added: “We were completely taken by surprise by the quick sell-out on September 26 and we are evaluating the entry process for future events.”

Riders who are unsuccessful in securing one of the 3 000 additional Cape Town Cycle Tour entries will still have the option of riding for one of the 110 registered charities.

Bellairs cautioned that selling and buying of illegal entries was strictly prohibited and no entrant would be allowed to ride with a race number that was not allocated to them. “The only way to transfer an entry to another rider is through the official substitution process, which will take place in February, 2015. If participants are found guilty of buying or selling entries illegally they could be banned from the Cape Town Cycle Tour.”

For event related queries, participants should contact the Cycle Tour Events Office on 087 820 7223 during office hours.