Thies says that she won’t focus on Enduro as her most important discipline, however still says that she will try her best and give it her all out on the course.

Beani Thies is ready to test out her XCO skills at the opening round of the 2017 KZNMTB XCO Provincial in the forests of Hilton on Saturday 18 February Photo credit: Paul Botma

When chatting about the transition from downhill to cross-country racing, Thies said: “It’s not always an easy one. The downhill bike has much more travel than the cross-country bike. It is always a lot more forgiving in the rough stuff.”

She also mentioned that to come from a cross-country background is easier, because the fitness to take on any sprint will be there. Coming from a downhill background to cross-country is a lot more challenging because of the bike used.
“However, the skills I have learnt on the downhill bike have definitely helped me in my cross country racing,” she said.

With the year already in full swing, Thies has her eyes on many goals this year. She also plans to head overseas to take part in the rookie world cups. “I really would like to do well there,” she added.

In terms of the local races, however, Thies is ready and prepared to focus and give it everything that she has both on the downhill as well as cross-country tracks. Her major focus back home is on the 2017 SA National MTB Championships.

Thies will be taking part in the first instalment of the 2017 KZNMTB Provincial XCO Cup Series, which takes place in Hilton on Saturday 18 February.

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