Elite racers Kyle Dodd, Teagan O’Keeffe and Sifiso Nhlapo will once again meet up with each other to race for the much-needed UCI points, which will count towards their ranking and will determine how many elites can be sent to the UCI BMX World Championships in 2014.

The supercross (SX) world cup will be held at the Sport Centre of Santiago del Estero, in the city of the same name. The Sports Centre is home to many sports and the track belongs to the BMX club located inside the Sports Centre.

The track itself was built by Elite Trax and Tom Ritzenthaler in 2011 and is considered to be the best BMX SX track in Latin America. The track was revamped to meet the highest SX standards in February this year. The iconic 8-metre high SX start hill is made of concrete and provides a very fast surface and improved grip.

The format of supercross racing is intense and action-packed, and the 8-metre start hill is one of the most talked about aspects of SX racing, not to mention a tight racing track with tight turns promoting aggressive and confident performances from all competitors. The starts and the lane selections will play a critical role in the riders’ performances.

Dodd will be looking to further improve on his good performance from Manchester less than a month ago, where he finished in 76th place in the time trials. Only the top 64 men proceed to the motos, and Dodd was the closest he had ever been in his career.

For Nhlapo, hopefully a better arrival into Argentina will help the Olympian feel better prepared as he has said that he is feeling strong and healthy and ready to post some top results again.

Our only woman rider O’Keeffe will also be looking to squeeze an extra ounce out of her performance. O’Keeffe qualified in 24th place in the time trials in Manchester, where only the top 32 women proceed to the motos. In the 3 moto rounds, she narrowly missed the top-four cut-off for the semi-finals with two fifth-place and one sixth-place finish.

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