Track designer, Nick Floros says that all procedures have been put in place to ensure that the brand new downhill course will bring exhilarating thrills for all of those involved.

Floros explained the story behind the change: “Well the guys have been riding the same World Cup Downhill course for the past five years, so they begin to know every inch and every rock and it isn’t doing much to push them and improve their riding.”

Floros described the course as “quite technical” and “much steeper” with off camber sections in the mix as well. “It’s completely different to the old one,” he added.

Although the Championship event is aimed at the KwaZulu-Natal riders, Floros said that those from the other provinces should definitely get involved and come and ride the track.

While seemingly more difficult, Floros ensured that the course is also catered to those not as experienced. “We have focused quite a bit on the Elites in order to challenge them more. However, having said that, for every obstacle there is on the course, there is an easier way around it.”

He mentioned the importance of balance between the A and B lines in order to still get a good run in. “I’ve ridden the track on a trail bike, just to put it into context,” he concluded.

The Enduro tracks are being taken care of by Mark Sydney, who has so much to say about this year’s Enduro Champs course, but won’t. “The thing is, most of the trails have all been ridden before in Cascades, and when the riders know where the tracks are, the locals in Pietermaritzburg get the ‘advantage’ of riding them in the week and weekends for practice,” he said.

This way, Sydney felt that Pietermaritzburg locals wouldn’t have any advantage over other riders across the province, as there will be no information made available until just before the race. “Now, there’s no way that the course will be ‘over-practised’ on, and destroyed before the day of the event, so that the riders are able to have great trails ready for them.”

Sydney was firm in his decision not to dispose or give away anything. “I could say that it’s similar to last year’s trails, I could say that it’s completely different, but I’m not going to. Let the riders come and see for themselves, and be surprised on the day,” he added.

“We’re hoping to get a solid amount of entries, between 100-120, that would be fantastic,” Sydney concluded.

The once-off 2016 KZNMTB Provincial ENDURO and DOWNHILL Championships – presented by Greg Minnaar Cycles, is taking place at Cascades MTB Park in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July respectively. More information and entry details can be found here: