Cape Pioneer Trek is happy to announce that bridge, a market leader in the financial services industry has confirmed their 5-year involvement as the title sponsor for the highly anticipated mountain bike race. The core values of these two establishments align perfectly and will allow for the community upliftment so valued by the Cape Pioneer Trek team.

bridge, which is a family founded business, recently revealed a new corporate identity and their expansion plans for the future, with their involvement in the Cape Pioneer Trek being a highlight of their upcoming projects. Emile Aldum, CEO and co-founder of bridge had the following to say about their involvement:

“We decided to sponsor the Cape Pioneer Trek, as it focuses a lot on the adventure side of racing. We are a company of cycling enthusiasts and the family atmosphere and community involvement that the Cape Pioneer Trek offers is in line with our values. It appears as if everyone involved in the Cape Pioneer Trek, are there because they wanted to be rather than because of any monetary gain. We as a company have a unique approach to things and enjoy working with and being a part of something that values this approach to life.”

One of the main focuses of the bridge Cape Pioneer Trek is the positive impact the race has on socio-economic empowerment. The race allows major community involvement with locals being trained as security guards, marshals and bike-wash personnel as well as being instrumental in the accommodation and food service’s element of the race. This positive impact is a reason why bridge and the Cape Pioneer Trek partnership will enhance both partners spirits of innovation and uniqueness.

Henco Rademeyer from Dryland Event management expressed his elation at the recent news of bridges’ involvement. “This partnership will perfectly reflect the socially conscious values that are synonymous with bridge and the Cape Pioneer Trek. Their support will mean we can bring an even better service to our riders and increase the allocation of resources to our ever willing and enthusiastic community partners.”