David Bellairs, the Marketing, Media and Sponsorship Director for the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, outlined the phased entry programme and confirmed that riders who registered for the 2017 Cycle Tour, which had to be halted due to extreme wind conditions, had been given the option of a Preferential Entry prior to General Entry Applications opening.


“Emails were sent out in batches to every rider who entered and registered for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour at this year’s Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo,” said Bellairs. “The offer of a guaranteed entry to the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour, at 2017 entry fee rates, had to be taken up by 4pm on 13 September. After this date and time the Preferential Entry was forfeited – those wishing to enter may still join the General Application process for entries.”

“As part of the phased entry approach, loyal supporters of the event who have ridden 21 or more races have been invited to enter from Wednesday, 13 September until Tuesday, 19 September,” said Bellairs. “And, as the founders of the event, paid-up Pedal Power Association members also have the opportunity to enter early, between 13 September and 19 September.” These entry fees will be at the 2018 Entry Fee rate.

Aspirant cyclists looking to participate in the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour (including Internationals) can apply for an entry online at www.capetowncycletour.com from 1pm on Wednesday, 20 September 2017. Entry Applications will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and will close once the limit of 35 000 participants has been reached, or on Wednesday, 27 September at 4pm, whichever occurs first.

Between 20 and 27 September, emails will be sent out to successful applicants in batches from the Cape Town Cycle Tour Events Office, confirming that they have been awarded an entry into the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour. Successful applicants will then have until 4pm on 27 September to make payment to secure their entry. The General Entry Application fee for South African applicants is R540, for PPA members it is R510 and for internationals it is R1 000.

Unsuccessful applicants will also receive an email notification and will be invited to enter, either via supporting a charity or through the official substitution process which takes in early 2018.

The entries of applicants exercising their option to decline the entry, and the entries of those who have not paid by 4pm on 27 September, will be made available to a previously unsuccessful rider.

“The 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour will be staged on Sunday, 11 March 2018. And there are many exciting changes afoot”, said Bellairs.

As announced in August, it has been agreed with all stakeholders that the Start will move from Hertzog Boulevard to Castle Street. This means that 35 000 participants will gather on 11 March 2018 at the historic Grand Parade Precinct before lining up near to where 525 riders first set off 41 years ago for The Big Ride In, the protest for safe cycling and the need for cycle paths around Cape Town that sparked the idea of a Cape Town Cycle Tour.

The new Start will help avoid the sort of wind vortices experienced at the Cape Town Cycle Tour’s previous start venue (on Hertzog Boulevard) which, when combined with extraordinarily strong winds, led to the halting of the race this year. The new start venue also allows organisers to create a more welcoming experience for riders, including a hospitality zone and expanded services. 2018’s finish at the Cape Town Stadium Precinct will also boast a substantially enlarged offering.

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For any event queries, or assistance with entries, please contact the Cycle Tour Events Office during office hours on 087 820 7223 or visit www.capetowncycletour.com.