ccs-58780-0-94076100-1485959398.jpgAlong with the changes to the Gravity Series format, the 2017 KZNMTB XCO Cup Series will also see adjustments, with the format being based upon the racing of riders against those of equal ability rather than age and gender. Photo: (Jordan Bold) by Paul Botma

KZNMTB’s Greg Stedman said: “The XCO format will still allow KZNMTB to generate age group results, so this will not change riders’ ability to be rewarded accordingly at the end of the series.”

Stedman mentioned that the reason that this format of racing has been adopted was to encourage more competition, and give riders the opportunity to race against people of equal strength and ability.

“We believe this format will be good for riders to improve their cross-country skills and speed as they race against an open field,” he said.

On the day, prize giving will award the top 10 riders in each batch every day.

The points system is explained below:

  • There will be three batches of racing, with batch C being the slowest riders to the fastest riders being in batch A.
    • Batch C is based upon a 1 hour targeted race time, with Batches A & B being a targeted race time of 1 Hour 15min.

    [*]Riders are batched based upon their performance in the previous race.

    • The first race will be based on last year’s results and race times.

    [*]Points are allocated based on your position in your batch and position in your age category. [*]Batch results on the day will determine the prize giving for each event. [*]The points allocation for the series will enable us to determine overall series results and age category results. [*]Nippers and Sprogs will continue to race in a separate race, on a smaller course, and the Sub-Juniors will all race in Batch C due to the race time.

See below for the new KZNMTB Provincial Cup Series races: