Mark will not be the only Christie that will be tackling the race this weekend though; Nathan, Jarred and Kevin Christie will also be on the start line to give the BSi Steel dusi2c a fourth shot.

The Christie clan make up the three Subaru teams that will be navigating the 124km from Camps Drift to Blue Lagoon in Durban.

Having completed every edition of the BSi Steel dusi2c, Mark Christie will return again in 2016 to take on the fourth edition of the event starting in Pietermaritzburg from 11-12 June. Anthony Grote/ Gameplan Media

With all three previous editions of the race under his belt, Christie returns for a second outing with partner Eric Bothma and maintains that the dusi2c has a very special place on his mountain biking calendar.

“I have done all of Glen’s races but the dusi2c is very different to the joBerg2c and sani2c in a number of ways which makes it so unique and exciting for us as riders,” Christie mentioned.

“I think I’ve done about seven joBerg2c’s and eight sani2c’s so I have ridden a lot of trails.

“The dusi2c trails are far more rustic and a bit trickier but very ridable – especially for us guys who just plod along towards the back of the field!”

While the popular route incorporates small sections of dirt road and a few short tar stretches, much of its appeal surrounds the extensive natural trail that includes the local communities’ foot and cattle paths as well as Durban Green Corridor’s man-made single track.

The trails appeal to all and while technical in sections, Christie believes that all riders will manage them if they just keep their wits about them.

“I do find the track a bit more difficult than sani2c because there is quite a lot of single track throughout the race but it is very manageable for all the riders.

“There are some tricky technical sections but I am not a mountain biker and I can get through so it is clearly very rideable and it certainly is very enjoyable with the incredible scenery and views that we have the opportunity of enjoying,” the 57 year-old Christie commented.

The race does have a strong ‘Farmer Glen’ flavour to it but also has a very unique feel to its older brother event and in no way pretends to be a smaller version of Haw’s sani2c, something Christie appreciates.

“The overnight stop at the Mfula Store is completely different to the stops on joBerg2c and sani2c and it just has a very different vibe to it – a far more laid back vibe!

“The fact that the race is only two days long and the stages are a lot shorter than those of the other races might have something to do with this.

“The riders that do the dusi2c are different to sani2c riders though; the camaraderie is great both on the route as well as at Mfula Store.

“All the elements of the race make it a special two days and we really enjoy the more relaxed environment that the race takes on. It gives the entire event a very different feel and vibe which is very enjoyable,” an appreciative Christie explained.

The 2016 BSi Steel dusi2c mountain bike race takes place from Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg to Durban's Blue Lagoon on 11 and 12 June. For more information visit