ccs-62657-0-42132800-1461670186.jpegTop class facilities such as those at the race's headquarters at Glencairn Farm and many willing and tireless helpers provide the world renowned hospitality of the KAP sani2c annually. Anthony Grote/ Gameplan Media

Into its thirteenth edition, the internationally acclaimed mountain biking stage race not only treats riders to a magnificent route and spectacular scenery, but its hospitality is second to none, much of which is provided by the co-educational, multi-cultural independent school situated near Ixopo in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

“When Glen Haw initially started the sani2c, he was a parent at Lynford and, thankfully for the school, he offered some of the race’s logistics and catering to the school as a fund raising opportunity,” explains outgoing Chairman of Lynford School's Board and member of Lynford School's sani2c committee, Justin Earle.

“Initially parents would help pack and carry riders’ boxes at Underberg Primary School before the race and were also very involved in setting up the race villages’ tents, etc. before they’d then help with feeding and serving riders at the Mackenzie and Jolivet race villages during the race.

“As the race has grown, a lot of the setup has been given to other organisations however Lynford School still heavily involved as we provide the catering and manage the bar at Jolivet, help with catering at Mackenzie, to some extent set up the villages each year and parents also help in the chill zones,” he adds.

ccs-62657-0-87293000-1461670186.jpegThe chill zone is always a popular feature of the KAP sani2c with riders enjoying the endless hospitality of the race. Dave Macleod/ Gameplan Media

Paramount to ‘Farmer Glen’ and the sani2c is the positive effect of the race on the local stakeholders, with Lynford School being one such organisation to benefit from the hugely popular event’s annual staging.

“The school benefits financially as we are paid to feed and serve the riders.

“These funds are essential to Lynford School as it enables us to provide our community with a high standard of education while keeping fees affordable.

“The funds are also used in providing bursaries for pupils, maintenance of infrastructure and any capital projects that may arise,” explains Earle.

With a management team of seven dedicated ladies, and with the help of about 150 parents and local community members, Lynford School continue to make a great success of meeting the vast catering needs of the race and it’s riders.

“Beth Earle, Jen Woodburn, Mark Hauff and Rob Stapleton-Smith – current or past parents – have been instrumental from an administrative, organisational and sponsorship perspective however it is the contributions of our entire team and their buy-in to our plan and goals that has made this partnership between the race and the school so successful.

ccs-62657-0-15984100-1461670187.jpegAll hands on deck! Many helpers - most of whom hail from Lynford School's parent and staff bodies - contribute towards the great team effort needed to feed the hungry mouths of participants of the three KAP sani2c events. The 2016 edition takes place from Himeville to Scottburgh from 10-14 May 2016. Anthony Grote/ Gameplan Media

“We believe that giving the riders three delicious, homemade meals – made with fresh ingredients and served by a group of selfless people, for the sake of fundraising for Lynford School – has had a positive influence on participants coming back year after year and has helped build the sani2c brand.

“It is however the ride itself and the out of the box thinking of Farmer Glen that makes this such a special race that we as a community all benefit from,” adds Earle gratefully.

The Trail, Adventure and Race events of the 2016 KAP sani2c take place from Glencairn Farm near Himeville to Scottburgh on KZN's South Coast from 10-12, 11-13 and 12-14 May respectively. For more information visit