David Bellairs, a director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (CTCTT), says: “A section of our traditional event route is under construction and the roads are the domain of the Provincial authorities. The road between Montagu and Ashton has been handed over to contractors with legal liability passing to them until they hand back the completed road upgrade to Province.


“Following extensive discussions and negotiations between ourselves as the CDC organisers, Provincial Government, the road contractors Basil Reed and local Swellendam authorities, we are very pleased to announce that we have secured access to the roads under construction for the duration of the event. We are extremely grateful to Minister Donald Grant and his team in the Provincial Department of Transport for their assistance and co-operation in facilitating the discussions that have led to the securing of the route.

“In an effort to ensure that safety of all participants is prioritised, we have had to meet and satisfy all concerns around risk mitigation and safety in taking a cycling event of this nature through a construction site.

“As such, an extended neutral zone will be implemented as a safety measure on the stretch of road between Montagu and the feed zone in Ashton. A strict speed limit will be implemented and timing mats will be deployed at the start of the construction area and the Ashton feed zone. Any cyclists exceeding the prescribed max speed through the area will receive a 30 minute time penalty for their team.”

Concluding, Bellairs advises those wishing to participate in the 24th Coronation Double Century, to acquaint themselves with the changes for this years event, as they will need to accept the conditions under which the 2016 event will be held, including the extended neutral zone which will include a 400-500m graveled section of road.”

A new entry process will kick off on Tuesday, 23 August, at 1pm and a separate press release will be distributed detailing this process.

The 24th Coronation Double Century will take place in Swellendam on Saturday, 26 November 2016 when 250 teams of up to 12 riders each will cycle 202km around the Overberg.

MEC Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities says, “Races such as the Coronation Double Century are playing an important role in boosting tourism to our region by showcasing our spectacular scenery and cycling offering. Through Project Khulisa, we are seeking to attract 100 000 cycling tourists to our region each year. It is our goal to become Africa’s cycling capital. We know these events are important economic generators for towns across this province. Events hosted across the province generate in excess of R1 billion for our economy each year.

“Confirmation of the Swellendam route is excellent news for the local tourism sector, and surrounding towns such as Montagu, Ashton, Robertson and Bonnievale. The hospitality industry in the region will once again be fully booked. We are looking forward to another spectacular race this year, backed by Coronation Fund Managers and expertly arranged by the professional team at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust”, said Winde.

The organisers have urged potential entrants to follow the event’s social media platforms via Facebook (www.facebook.com/CoronationDC) and Twitter (@TheCoronationDC) for up-to-the-minute updates.

The Coronation Double Century is a Pedal Power Association event organised by the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust on their behalf. For event-related queries, please contact the Events Office on 087 820 7223 during office hours.