At a special congress held at SASCOC House in Oaklands, Gauteng on Saturday 18 February 2012, Cycling South Africa’s affiliates unanimously adopted an amended constitution as endorsed by SASCOC.

Mr. Raymond Hack, legal adviser for SASCOC, spoke in detail explaining the amended constitution and the dates by which this needed to be adopted.

Mr. Hack stressed that SASCOC is looking for development and growth in sport in South Africa. It will be up to the nine provinces to run each discipline, and this is a great step forward in terms of developing certain disciplines in areas where they might not currently be active.

Where facilities are not currently in place to develop certain disciplines, Sport and Recreation SA will assist in establishing facilities in these provinces.

CyclingSA sees this as a positive step for cycling. It brings CyclingSA in line with the policies set out by SASCOC. The sport will now be governed by the nine geo-political provinces, plus there will be a rider representative, making up the 10th member. The appointment of the rider affiliate is an exciting development as it gives the riders an active position in the management of the sport.

All provinces have until the end of December 2012 to amalgamate their sub structures into single provincial structures.

The constitution as endorsed by SASCOC is currently being adopted by ALL the sporting codes, not just cycling. Our constitution will be effective immediately. There will be no changes to the events that are scheduled for 2012.

As from 1 January 2013, the following will apply:

  1. All cycling events will have to be sanctioned by CyclingSA via the provincial affiliates. This is to ensure that all events are run in a safe environment with all the necessary measures in place, such as traffic regulations and safety aspects.
  2. All events seeking TV coverage will have to be endorsed by CyclingSA

CyclingSA prides itself in being one of the first federations to embrace this new constitution, which is in line with transformation and development objectives.

Mr. Raymond Hack concluded the meeting, congratulating CyclingSA on adopting the constitution, and he showed support to the federation for the way forward.