The Torq Zone Academy's Bicycle Technical Training Centre of Excellence, officially opened this week, is set to add significant value to the South African cycling industry.
The Torq Zone Academy is the exclusive training provider of the UK based and internationally recognised Cytech™ training scheme right here in South Africa. Successful Torq Zone Academy learners will be issued with certificates originated in the UK and in future recognised in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, which are also adopting the Cytech™ training scheme.

“Trained and qualified bicycle technicians are in desperately short supply. At the same time the demand for professional repair & maintenance of bikes is increasing exponentially. This scenario results in lots of frustration amongst cycling enthusiasts which, in our opinion, hampers the growth of the industry,” said Dirk Oerlemans owner of Torq Zone.

“With the Torq Zone Academy now a reality, we have solutions for cyclists through our home mechanic courses, for prospective bicycle technicians with internationally certified courses and to bike shops with properly trained technicians. Most importantly we can make a contribution towards alleviating unemployment in South Africa”, added Oerlemans.

“We’ve seen unprecedented demand since we started presenting our first courses in November last year. Our launch promotion makes provision for a 30% discount on condition payment is done before the end of February 2015. The actual course(s) can be taken at any scheduled time until the end of August 2015,” said Graeme Stickells MD Torq Zone Academy.

“It is now quite clear the Cytech™ training scheme is set to become the recognised standard and, more importantly, demanded by the cycling fraternity in South Africa much sooner than what we initially anticipated.”

There are only a few weeks left to make use of the launch promotion and course schedules are filling up quickly. Book now to avoid disappointment. For more info or to enroll, visit