With the likes of Tyler Day and Herman Fouche in their ranks, along with Dennis van Niekerk, Jaco van Dyk and Armand Mouton, the Darkhorse–AutoDen quintet are eager to go one better than Day’s 2015 runners-up effort this time around.

The recently launched Darkhorse-AutoDen Racing team is relishing taking on the 2016 aQuellé Tour Durban on Sunday 24 April. They will be represented by Tyler Day (left), Jaco van Dyk (second left), Herman Fouche (third left), Armand Mouton (second right) and Dennis van Niekerk (right) at the clash while team member and manager Dusty Day (third right) will not participate. Cycle Nation/ Gameplan Media

“Without a doubt we want to win it this year!” confirmed team member and manager Dusty Day, who himself will miss the clash due to his involvement in the Panorama Tour over the same period.

“For the past few years, as members of other teams, we’ve been right up there and in the mix.

“The old Abantu team – a lot of whom are now riding for Telkom – have often just managed to edge us out though and it’s now time to stop that,” he added.

Having only finalized team arrangements mid-way through March this year, the aQuellé Tour Durban comes at the perfect time for the upcountry outfit as they look to announce their arrival on the local cycling scene.

“Tyler (Day) obviously did really nicely for us at the Cape Town Cycle Tour and we had our first official race as a team at the Emperor’s Palace Classic this past weekend.

“The Tour Durban is however definitely one of the biggest events on our calendar and it couldn’t be better timed for us after our recent launch!” continued Day.

With his brother, Tyler, set to be in the mix once more at this year’s Tour Durban, Day is also thrilled to have Herman Fouche on the start line for the team.

Fouche finished second in both the 2012 and 2013 aQuellé Tour Durban while raced to a close fifth place last year.

“Herman is a great rider and if there is a breakaway he will certainly be the one to try get himself into that and cover that option for us.

“The nature of the course though, especially the final few kilometers, it is probably more suited to Tyler’s strengths should it come down to a sprint finish once again.

“Usually I am the one to try lead Tyler out in those situations but, with me not being there, Herman will be the one to try set Tyler up for the final sprint this time!” elaborated Day.

The 105km road race, 45km fun race and 55km cyclocross race take place on Sunday 24 April 2016. Late entries will be taken at registration at Suncoast Casino & Entertainment World from 10h00-17h00 on Friday, 22 and Saturday, 23 April. More information can be found at www.tourdurban.co.za.