The morning starts off with riders signing in at reception and lots of banter, then straight to the pump track challenge to wake up fast!


Then immediately on to the cSixx Raduro. The Garden Route Trail Park has miles of manicured single track winding down the mountains with berms, rollers, and jumps all the way to keep you smiling from ear to ear. All skill levels can join in and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flying down the dirt super tubes.

The Whip Off is a new addition this year and a whole separate line has been constructed for this, so the boys can get their bikes as sideways as possible!


Last year, there was a nice jump line extended from the pump track with some fun features but catered nicely to intermediate and younger riders so that everyone could have a good time flowing through the line and the more advanced riders could throw down some big stunts. This year, the guys are adding a completely new, bigger line for more airtime and huge tricks! Only it's second year, but with all the new additions it will be twice as much fun!

Come and join us for a weekend of amazing riding in one of the most beautiful parts of the country!

Highlights from the 2015 Dawn of the Dirt