Yes, just a short hop away is Knysna, a town that’s well known for its historic role in the early days of mountain biking. But in terms of modern mountain bike trail progression, Plett is a shining example of what’s possible when you want to develop trails that are fun to ride and which take in the full spectrum of terrain and points of interest in the area.

The Plett Wine and Bubbly Route is growing in popularity among tourists. Participants and supporters at the BUCO Dr Evil Classic will be able to experience this under-rated attraction.

Introducing the new-style of mountain bike stage race – an event that’s designed to complement and fully explore its location and deliver participants an unforgettable experience both on and off the bike.

The BUCO Dr Evil Classic will have three different start/finish venues – one for each day – in order to make the most of the variety of scenic riding in the area, including a foray into the nearby Knysna forest.

The BUCO Dr Evil Classic, which takes place on the long weekend of 21–23 September, is a race, of course, but it’s not all about finishing positions. It’s also about times. Fast times and good times. The former for the speedy and competitive types and the latter for, well, pretty much everyone.

There’s a growing social dining culture in Plett, which has resulted in the establishment of a number of high quality restaurants in interesting locations, giving BUCO Dr Evil Classic participants a range of eating venue options.

There are three different start/finish venues – one for each stage. Yes, it’s logistically more challenging for the organisers, but it’s allowed the route designer, the legendary Dr Evil (Leon Evans), to avoid repetition of trail use and keep riders stimulated for the entire duration of the event. It’s another Dr Evil Classic innovation aimed at eliminating the encroaching ‘Groundhog Day’ effect at the start and finish of most three-day stage races.

A portion of the entry fees for the BUCO Dr Evil Classic goes to local social upliftment causes.

It’s widely known that South Africa is the mountain bike stage race capital of the world. But with this high number of stage races (there are at least 70 a year), especially the three-day duration events, there’s a risk of stagnation. With the Dr Evil Classic, we have purposefully changed our format to ensure our participants feel, hear, see, taste or smell something new every day. Zandile Meneses, Event Director

The routes for the BUCO Dr Evil Classic have been designed to offer participants the best possible experience of the Plett region, including forest, farmland and coastal sections.

“Because the 2017 Dr Evil Classic finishes the day before the popular Karoo to Coast, which is on Sunday 24 September; and because Monday 25 September is a public holiday, we are expecting a growth in entrant numbers this year. It’s an exciting time for our event and for the Plett area, which really is becoming a new mountain biking hot spot,” added Meneses.

The coastal town of Plett forms a significant part of the world famous Garden Route and is proudly the host town of the Buco Dr Evil Classic, a new style three-day mountain bike stage race.

What are the distances? Day 1 – 73km, Day 2 – 40km, Day 3 – 50km all over moderately challenging, incredibly varied and scenic terrain.