Kevin Evans in action. Photo Credit ~ Zoon Cronje

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Cederberg Wines was an enjoyable part of my weekend”, laughs Evans. “The intimate and smaller race village, combined with the atmosphere and beautiful area in which we rode made for a special event. The route was surprisingly challenging, just tough enough for the top guys to have a hard race, yet manageable for the social riders. Riders can expect heat, sand, rocks and breathtaking down hills. I would love to be able to defend my title, but as my training is behind schedule, it would be great if either one of my teammates Brandon Stewart or Neil Macdonald could be in contention to win. Plus I'm hoping for another evening with David Nieuwoudt of Cederberg Wines”.

Ariane Kleinhans in action. Photo Credit ~ Jazz Kuschke

According to Kleinhans the ISUZU Ride The Rock is special because of the beautiful Cederberg region in which the event is held. “It's a really spectacular place to be, with the rock formations and the camp site right next to the river. The smaller field made the race very intimate, with a relaxing atmosphere which made it very social. The routes were pretty rough and demanded quite a bit of technical skill. Day one featured a lot of corrugated roads, so I'm very happy to return with a duel suspension mountain bike this year. Day two and three had some rocky and tricky single track, which I liked a lot. Experiencing the peacefulness of the Cederberg, while on a mountain bike is just amazing. The ISUZU Ride The Rock was the race last year where I got to know the most people. The three days in the Cederberg felt like a real breakaway”.

ISUZU Ride The Rock has also caught the interest of local celebrities Vanessa Haywood and Dr Michael Mol.

“Mountain Biking is not an easy sport and it requires fitness, mechanical and technical skill. The sheer challenge of this sport is what drives me. I love stage racing and I've never ridden in the Cederberg so taking part in the ISUZU Ride The Rock is a no-brainer”, says Haywood.

“I’ve heard that I’ve got to take a moment to appreciate the magnificence of the Valley of the Red Gods and Wolfberg Cracks”, says Mol. “And of course the Cederberg is legendary mountain biking territory, heat and all. To get access to the inaccessible parts of the Cederberg is a privilege that only a few have, and it’s a privilege that I wanted to make the most of.


The ISUZU Ride the Rock is a full service individual MTB stage race that offers riders the opportunity to ride on the most spectacular routes in the heart of South Africa's Cederberg Conservancy. Each stage’s route is challenging yet rewarding, while encapsulating the pristine beauty of the Cederberg.

Date: Friday, 08 February 2013 – Sunday, 10 February 2013

Village: Sanddrif

Distances: Day 1: +/- 81 km

Day 2: +/- 61 km

Day 3: +/- 52 km

Entries are limited to 250 riders.

Will it be very warm? Definitely hence the reason for an early start each day. By 11am all riders should be accounted for and will either be relaxing in the riverside bar or meals area.

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