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Last year, FedGroup Berg& Bush purchased their Proudly South African clothing from Indola, a Cape-Town based company which resulted in over R200 000 going directly into the pockets of those sewing the goods in the Mitchells plain warehouse. They have committed to doing the same again this year with a different garment.

Race Organiser Gary Green explained that, “Sourcing nationally made fabric and manufacturing is not easy for us, but as the FedGroup Berg & Bush we have remained vigil in helping our national markets and local people.

Make no mistake, the presence of high quality, ready-made garments are available within weeks from well-known brands and are easy to come by, but we have made a conscious decision to remain Proudly South African as much as we can to support the local communities rather than giving our business away to other countries.”

The race is known to benefit the communities through which it directly passes, last year fixing the rhino fence of the Spioenkop Game reserve (Day 2’s riding) and this year the race and riders have raised significant funding to provide individual JoJo tanks for the rural homes through which the riders pass every day.