In order to qualify for the TREAD Buffalo Category teams need to boast a minimum combined weight of at least 180kg (excluding bicycles and equipment).

“We are excited about the TREAD Buffalo association with the FNB W2W MTB Events,” says Sean Badenhorst, Editor Tread Magazine. “After having secured an association with so many other premium South African mountain bike events, we felt the one really missing has been the FNB W2W”.

“The TREAD Buffalo category definitely adds depth to the event,” continues Badenhorst. “Riders that would normally just pedal to the finish now have a reason to pedal harder for a position or even a spot on the podium. Certificates will be handed to the final top three teams at each of the three events, while prizes will be couriered the week afterwards. Our media channels (magazine and website) will once again give the event the exposure it deserves (has earned)”.

Last year, Badenhorst took part in the FNB W2W MTB Adventure for the first time and was suitably impressed:

“Although completely unfit at the time, I loved how true the route is to mountain biking – each day is challenging, but rewarding and requires a good blend of fitness and skill (not just fitness). I decided I wanted to return in a well-conditioned state which is what I will do this year when I take part in the FNB W2W MTB Race”.

There will be a separate TREAD Buffalo Category for each of the three FNB Wines2Whales MTB events – Adventure, Ride and Race as well as a combined results ranking for all three events afterwards. Pre-registration as a TREAD Buffalo can be done on the official website