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“There are thousands of registered road riders in this province,” Du Sart said. “All you have to do is go and look on the CSA website and you will see that road cycling in the province is as healthy as ever and with so many good races like the Amashova and the Tour Durban in the province there are always opportunities for guys to ride.”

“If you look at all of the major events in the province, and around the country, they offer one thing that riders appreciate and want – a closed road,” Du Sart said. “Safety is a number one issue for all riders and at races like the Msunduzi Road Challenge riders will have this safety so a certain degree.”

The logistical impact of closing a road to the public can often prove to be an issue and the Msunduzi Road Challenge has made a conscious effort to make sure that the roads could be closed as well as causing as little interference with the local people as possible.

“Closing roads is always difficult and being able to get local role players on board is really important and making sure there is as little impact as possible on the running of the local community.”

Another draw card to the province is the South African Championships that will be happening in the province next year and this coupled with the UCI World Cycling Tour final that was held in Pietermaritzburg and Wartburg last year means that the province is seen as a go-to place for a number of prestigious road racing events.

“The South African Championships next year offer people the opportunity to come and ride without having to qualify and that should be a draw card for riders due to the fact that it is a national championship and based around Durban. The Msunduzi Road Challenge is another event that doesn’t require qualification and it is open to all types of riders and offers a challenge for everyone that is up for it,” Du Sart mentioned.

A lot of riders require an incentive when they plan on riding in an event and the Msunduzi Road Challenge gives riders the opportunity to get an official time and that is something that riders enjoy. It is the really small things that draw riders to races and having the opportunity to get an official time and be able to compare your result with your mates makes it a lot more worth it. Guys are doing a lot of travelling and choosing to race in races all over the country and there is also an opportunity for people to take advantage of some great races in KZN,” explained Du Sart.