Eliminator is a short course heat racing format of mountain biking where riders race 4 at a time sprinting around 1 lap of a course roughly 800m in length with the top 2 finishers advancing to the next round and the bottom 2 unfortunately being eliminated from the event(except in round 1 - everybody races at least 2 times per event). Eliminator is great for newer riders wanting to get racing experience as they dont need to have the stamina to ride many kilometers at a fast pace, they also get to test the track so there are no "surprises" around any courses and they get to learn skills that will carry over into the other riding disciplines. For spectators the courses are majority visible from standing in one spot allowing family, friends and team mates to cheer on the riders the whole way around the course.

This year we have added a u/10 and u/12 age division to the u/14, u/16 and u/19 ages. The little riders have shown in both the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal that despite their size they have huge heart and determination as they grit their teeth and race flat out not being in the slight bit deterred by any of the obstacles that the older riders are riding. The u/19 division allows those riders who matriculated to still participate, if they were 18 on the 1 January 2016 they still qualify to enter and can choose to donate their points to their old school team.


The PWC Bike Park is going to test the riders on a number of technical skills with bridges, whoops and tight corners that will make for some exciting racing. Spectators are going to be entertained as the course is laid out in a "BMX arena" so the riders will be coming towards and away from the spectators a number of times.

2014 overall champs Diepsloot MTB Academy (DMA) have their sights set on regaining the title after losing it narrowly last year to Sutherland High School. DMA have already entered a large team to challenge the rest as well as have home ground advantage with the final event being hosted at their base camp at Northern Farm on Sunday 31 July.

Entries close this Friday 22 July at 5pm, enter now:


There are great prizes up for grabs sponsored by Fox Racing, Skullcandy and OGIO, there will be raffle draws at each event so that every rider who enters stands a chance to win. For the podium finishers there is also some great prize money being made available on a sliding scale to entries: the more riders that enter your age group, the more money you stand to win!