ccs-58780-0-45542800-1479968986.jpgBradley Gouveris, racing for NMMU’s Bestmed-Shukuma-Madibaz Cycling Club, crosses the line to win the Daily Dispatch Cycle Tour in East London.

The matriculant from Port Elizabeth’s victory on a wet day was achieved in some style after going clear on the final climb of the 102km classic.

Although it was a breakthrough performance, he said he had been plotting victory throughout the season.

“It was one of three races I’d identified to do well in this year,” said the 18-year-old, who admitted he wasn’t sure what he was in for on the day.

“Racing in East London was a bit foreign for me, so I didn’t really know the competition I was up against.

“But everything went right for me on the day, so I’m happy to have pulled it off.”

ccs-58780-0-85333700-1479968985.jpgBradley Gouveris is planning to take his good form into 2017 after his first major victory in the Daily Dispatch Cycle Tour in East London.

Despite still being at school, Gouveris has become an integral cog in NMMU’s Bestmed-Shukuma-Madibaz Cycling Club after some stand-out performances this year.

“Being with the Madibaz has really helped me,” he said, singling out the coaching aspect as well as the opportunity to race alongside more experienced team-mates.

“They’ve given me loads of support and my cycling has improved, so I’m definitely staying with them for 2017.”