We are proud to announce that the Hollard JUMA in partnership with City Parks and Johannesburg Water will be upgrading the Braamfontein Spruit in a big way so that whether you’re a birder, horse rider, trail runner, dog walker, Sunday rider or duck feeder you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the Spruit safely.

The Hollard JUMA will pump a whole lot of much needed funds into assisting City Parks, all of which will be used to upgrade park facilities and infrastructure from bridges to drainage. Familiar with the sewerage issues around Alberts Farm? As part of the Spruit upliftment Hollard JUMA will be highlighting and reporting all areas with water related issues to Johannesburg Water to be cleaned up and revamped.

Neil Evans, Master course builder, comments on some of the infrastructure plans:

“Our main focus is on improving the safety of the Spruit for all users and using it as an opportunity to uplift the local community. For the entire project we will be employing the displaced persons living along the Spruit to assist in the build and general clean up of the Spruit. (Goodbye glass!)

On the build side we’re implementing features that will prevent erosion and improve drainage (just in time for summer!) we’re performing maintenance on the existing trails and creating nice new berms for the corners and most importantly creating under road access for major roads like Jan Smuts, Rustenburg Road and Bryanston Drive. All the work being done is in conjunction with the bylaws of City Parks.”

Many local community forums lend their support for the project Iam Tumiel from the Bryanston East Community Forum expands: “It’s great that for a change we have an event that is taking place in the middle of Joburg so we can enjoy everything the city has to offer! The Spruit has recently become a bit of a crime and vagrant hotspot. Getting the community involved, cleaning it up and making it safe again will not only benefit the Mountain Bikers, but all others that want to enjoy this space.

The Hollard JUMA is a great first step and we’d like to reach out to the residents associations in the area to get involved, we can make the Spruit safe and beautiful again, together!”

Whether it’s on two legs, four legs or two wheels we can once again enjoy the natural wonders of the Spruit safely. Want to get involved or have any ideas for the Spruit project? Get in Touch! Email:


The Hollard JUMA is taking place on the 12th October 2014 in Johannesburg and was created in partnership with City Parks and Joburg Zoo. The Urban Hollard JUMA is a race through Johannesburg, turning the worlds’ biggest urban forest into the ultimate mountain biker’s playground with a course build worth over R1.5 million.

Entries opened on the 12 July 2014, to enter visit or Entry fees are R220 for the 22km and R350 for the 52km. We challenge you to enter NOW….