Hi My fellow hubbers.

We need your help.

Its time to put away our handbags and help a dying child.

I have come to hear of a tragic case via the campaign leader for #justasecond - our very own Wyatt Earp/Dangle.

Please read this with an open heart....

Three Wishes:


When I started this campaign , the intention was to make a difference, try and save lives and make an impact, the kind of impact that will will last forever in ones memory banks.


I was informed last night of a rather heartbreaking scenario a very unfortunate family is finding themselves in at the moment.This is a story of an incredible kid who has just three wishes, three wishes before the day he leaves this earth.


"Hi there!

This is the story about a little boy Jacques Esterhuizen

Mom- Lisel

Dad- Jaco

Brother- Rian,

All the way from Kalahari to Johannesburg for stage 3 cancer...

He was diagnosed at 4years with Neuroblastoma Cancer. He is turning 5 on 21 May,

He has had 3 tummy operations, 3 lumberpunches, many scans and blood plates.

He had a huge operation where his marrow was cultured and re-inserted into his body, with strong chemotherapy that followed. 2 months after this major operation he has cancer in his lungs, spine and hips...

His wishes...

To go to the beach

Always play at Papachino's

Take all the food he can to the SPCA for all the animals that doesn't have....

This little boy is always smiling and is a little fighter...."


My reason for posting here, I am not asking people for money nor are we coming here to abuse the privilege go this page.

We would love to help Jacques make these three wishes come try.


His first wish is to give food to the SPCA

We are planning a mass cycle ride to the Midrand SPCA where every cyclist will bring a can or packet of food with them and we will take Jacques there to fulfill his wish.

Hopefully we can get the Choc Cows there.


Jacques wants to see the ocean, we have already had some really incredible people offer donations towards this cause so we can get plane tickets, a bit of spending money and accommodation.

Riaan Coetzee, spoke to the kind folks at uShaka Marine World who promised that they will be "treated" ,if anyone who feels the the desire to donate towards the cause ,it will be deeply appreciated.


Jacques and his family will be offered a day at Papachinos where their meal will be paid for and Jacques can play to his hearts desire.


Three simple wishes, one life and justasecond to think of the impact we could have on this young man.


I would like to thank all who have taken the time to read this post.


This is Jacques a year ago and Jacques as he is now.