“Today went well, I’m very happy with the win,” said Impey.

The 2016 Time Trial Champ mentioned that he had ridden hard, but smart. “The race went as I had expected it to go, and I was feeling good and my legs are in good shape. It was a really good day,” he said.

Daryl Impey retained his National Time Trial title on Day 3 of the 2017 SA National Road Championships in Wellington on Thursday 9 February. Photo: DoubleST

Impey was sad to be missing the Road Race on Sunday, but will be attending his brother’s wedding that day. “Of course it is unfortunate that I will be missing it, but family comes first,” he added.

Second placed Willie Smit said: “It was mostly all about lap times and just keeping to the same lap times with the highest amount of power possible. With my coach in the car, we were working on the router and just staying at certain lap times. That was basically how you were going to get onto the podium today.

“You can try to start fast and stay at that same pace without blowing on the last lap, but it’s quite a gamble out there – you’ve got to hope that you don’t overheat and blow completely. Luckily I managed to keep it together until the end,” he said.

In the u23 Men’s race, which followed the same distance as the Elite Men, Stefan de Bod managed to retain his Time Trial title ahead of Nicholas Dlamini in second place and Morne van Niekerk in third. “It was a hard day,” said De Bod. I was feeling really good and the preparation was working well,” he added.

Stefan de Bod swooped in to claim another U23 Men's Time Trial title on Day 3 of the 2017 SA National Road Championships in Wellington on Thursday 9 February. Photo: DoubleST

When chatting about Sunday’s Road Race, De Bod said that the course doesn’t suit him too well, but that he’s going to give it his all in order to try and claim another jersey.

Van Niekerk, who came in third today, said: “The weather really played its part today – it was great out there. It was lucky that we went off early. It was a really good day out in the Cape. I felt good today, and in terms of Road Race, all the sensations are good; it’s going to be a great day as well.”

Moolman-Pasio rode hard and consistently well to grab the Elite Women’s title, and was thankful to all involved in helping her recover from her accident in France where she collided with a motorbike in a race. “I’ve been very blessed in my rehab and recovery process – I’ve been in very good hands with Jeroen Swart as my coach and doctor as well,” she said.

Moolman-Pasio mentioned how lucky she felt that she had decided along with doctors to take a less conservative approach to her rehab process, which helped her a great deal. “Initially the thought was to be completely off the leg for a whole month, but then as we did more scans and we really saw the proper nature of the fracture, the doctors started to encourage me at two weeks already to start putting more weight on it so I was actually really lucky,” she added.

Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio showed the crowds that she is back in the groove as she took the Elite Women's Time Trial title on Day 3 of the 2017 SA National Road Championships in Wellington on Thursday 9 February. Photo: DoubleST

She also mentioned how important it is to listen to your body. “Pain was always the guideline. I started to pick things up, luckily faster than I thought, but still slower than what I would’ve done if I was 100% normal, so it’s been a slower build but maybe that’s also a blessing in disguise,” she said.

After almost eight years at full-tilt on the cycle racing scene, Moolman-Pasio described the forced rest as a good one.

On the Time Trial, she said: “I know that I’m strong, but I didn’t know what kind of form I’m in. I’m also really lucky to have been involved with a team like Cervelo Bigla where there’s such a big focus on Time Trial. I really have become so at one with my Time Trial bike. So it’s a really awesome thing to achieve.

“Even though this is literally the second time on my Time Trial bike since I crashed on it – I rode it on Saturday and now again – I’m just lucky that I feel so comfortable on my TT bike and I feel back at home on it.
“It felt good out there. I think I also learnt how to pace myself nicely and I’m very happy with the result – its nice to take the National Jersey back to Europe.”

Another impressive result in the Elite Women’s Time Trial came from KwaZulu-Natal’s Brittany Peterson, who finished in third place. It was this time last year where she retired from professionally paddling and decided to give cycling a go for a form of fitness. “I began cycling and actually loved it. It was boyfriend and professional cyclist Brendon (Davids) who convinced and encouraged me to give it a try,” she said.

Peterson also mentioned that Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio and her husband Carl had had a lot to do with her choice to pursue cycling and, in particular, Time Trial racing. “I really love it and I’ve tried to just improve little bit by little bit. I have found a passion for it so I’m just going to keep on at it,” concluded.

Brittany Petersen claimed the bronze medal in the Elite Women's Time Trial on Day 3 of the 2017 SA National Road Championships in Wellington on Thursday 9 February. Photo: DoubleST

U23 Women’s Winner Heidi Dalton said the heat was a big factor for everyone out there, not only her. “We were lucky that there was no wind. I’ve just started coaching with Jeroen Swart so I didn’t know what to expect. I came and gave it my best. I’m very happy with how it did go,” she said.

Jason Oosthuizen made his intentions very clear in the U19 Men’s race when he posted the fastest time of 38:47.637 on the 27.1km route. Rossouw Bekker was the second fastest finisher in the category, clocking 39:49.682 with Jean-Pierre Lloyd rounding out the podium in third place in a time of 39:58.115.

The U19 Women’s race saw Tiffany Keep maintain strong momentum throughout the 14.4km lap to secure the fastest time in 23:55.574. Azulde Britz crossed the line with the second fastest time (24:01.651) with Nadia van Niekerk finishing in third place (25:00.036).

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