So what is it all about? Bike Hub Plus is a paid membership program which gives you access to some exclusive benefits and, at the same time, helps to support what we do at Bike Hub. For just R39 a month or R349 annually you can become a Bike Hub Plus member.

The membership structure means we’re able to realign incentives, ensuring that the community remains at the heart of what we do.

Advertising has been a foundation at Bike Hub from the beginning and is still key to supporting our efforts to serve our community. However, balancing advertising success against user experience remains a conundrum.

As a Bike Hub Plus member, your contribution means we pull the plug on external advertising networks which supplement our revenue but offer less control over your experience and privacy on Bike Hub. So no more of those pesky, sometimes dubious adverts that follow you around the Internet. Yeah, we cringe at those too. And, if you prefer, you have the option to turn off banner adverts altogether.


As a Bike Hub Plus member, you also get access to further benefits. These include exclusive early access to the brand new Instant Search Alerts feature, a 20% discount on any paid Boosts for your Classified adverts, and, as a small nod of thanks from us, Bike Hub Plus members receive a supporters badge on their user profile.

This is just the beginning. It is new ground for us and we’re excited to go on the next leg of the journey with you. Just as Bike Hub has evolved over the sixteen years, we know Plus will continue to evolve as we extend the value offering to best serve you, our community.