Salvation Army Centres countrywide are providing sanctuary and trauma-counselling to hundreds of vulnerable children and abused women, as well as standing steadfast in the combat against human trafficking. Please support us!

Here’s a great opportunity for your company to be in the thick of the thrilling vibe of the 94.7 Cycle Challenge this November. And as this year’s theme is Ride for a Purpose this also gives you a multi-purpose reason to go all out to win support for the most eclectic charity in the country.

Yup! The Salvation Army would love you to heed our battle cry to help us in our war against SA’s human suffering. We help the poorest, the neediest, the abused and abandoned – of all ages, colours and creeds. We have homes for discarded babes – some just hours old, for boys, for girls, the elderly, the sick. Provide clothing and food to the destitute, help educate the young and equip people for jobs. We run hospitals and clinics. Help people overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Help fight the horrors of human trafficking. Most importantly, we give love, hope – and spiritual sustenance. And always we give a hand up – not a handout.

To this end we invite your company to enter a team, or an individual, each of whom will proudly don our battle colours (Salvation Army cycle shirt included) and set a target of R6,000 to raise for The Salvation Army. (If you think this is daunting remember that as a cyclist, raising funds for their beloved cause, you become an activist for that cause and raise awareness as you reach out to others and so you secure your fundraising efforts).