The FNB W2W MTB Adventure is a three day MTB Stage Race that will start in Somerset West and finish in Onrus (just outside of Hermanus). What makes “Team ISUZU 1” so interesting is that neither team member comes from a mountain biking background. Alec Riddle is known for his spectacular performance at the 2011 World Half Ironman in Las Vegas where he took gold in the 50+ Age Category, while Sibusiso Vilane is one of South Africa’s top mountaineers.

“When I think of ISUZU, I think of new horizons and living life to the full,” says Riddle. “ISUZU enables me to do just that and I am extremely grateful to them for the opportunity to participate in this great event. I’ve been doing a little cross training to keep myself fit through the winter, but the month of October will require lots of MTB training, as it’s quite a demanding and specialised field. I met Sibusiso for the first time earlier this year. I have read up on all of his achievements; what an achiever! I feel honoured to partner with such a great guy and I look forward to tapping into his great mind and humour. With regard to our team strength, I think that both Sibusiso and I live a life of ‘no limitations’. We’re continuously striving to better ourselves, so there will be lots of passion, commitment and perseverance the weekend of the FNB W2W. Hopefully that will make up for the fact that both of us are novices in this field. I am looking forward to great teamwork, the challenges, meeting new people and the scenery. I’m also really looking forward to the finish as it’ll be my first visit to Hermanus,” says Riddle.

“I am in awe of Alec’s achievements and am delighted to be teaming up with him. He will have to carry me though and that is why I like him,” laughs Vilane. “This will be my first ever MTB event, but like they say there is a first time for everything. I am honored to be an ISUZU ambassador and am very grateful for their willingness to sponsor my participation in the FNB W2W. Although having started late in my life, I have a strong desire for adventure. Earlier this year I took part in my very first three day stage trail run, the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun complements of event organizers, Stillwater Sport & Entertainment. Now I’ll get the opportunity to complete my very first three day stage MTB event. I am very proud of what I have done and am really looking forward to what I have yet to try and do. I am looking forward to an enjoyable three days on a mountain bike. It is sure to be a memorable event,” says Vilane.

Image credit: Iron Man World Championship