Hey Guys & Girls, this is IT: SINGLE SPEED SA CHAMPS ! Wait, wait, WAIT – don’t run away yet…. In fact, be sure to be there: SATURDAY 29th June, Cowan House, Hilton, KZN, South Africa….

NO single speed bike required ! Any old MTB will do….

Wild Wild West, the colour purple, any dress but dress-up you must

Be sure to enter by 2 June to qualify for a funky, cool Indola shirt (and pay less !)

This has very little to do with racing bicycles but it does have a whole lot to do with having FUN on a bicycle.


Okay, so this bunch may look a little errr, whacked ! They may just be so, but really underneath it all they are just ordinary people like you and me who love to step away from the conventional once in a while, ride on one gear, and well yes, dress a little funny.


Pics courtesy World Single Speed Champs, Winterton. 2012.

ALL you need is a mountain bicycle, sense of humour and a LOVE of riding a bicycle. Oh stop whining about how you aren’t fit enough (it’s mid-winter, we’re all in the same boat!) blah blah blah – NO ONE CARES where you come, how long you take or even if you finish. Everyone after third comes fourth – how cool is THAT??? This is about having a TOTAL blast ... no water stops – just beer served BUT for those who don’t drink there will be penalties (detours) before you can continue on your merry way. The course is AWESOME and when you get to the top of the hills, there

is LOTS of flowing single track to whoop delight you. The course is suitable for the race snakes and the total novices, so PLEASE no excuses. If you’re not there you WILL kick yourself.

Not sure? Check out this video from SSWC 2012 from the folks at Sinamatella: