Eliminator is a short course heat racing format of mountain biking, riders race four at a time around a course roughly 800m in length - just one lap, a flat out sprint interval. The top two finishers advance to the next round whilst the bottom two are eliminated from the competition. Every rider gets to race a minimum of two times per event(no elimination in round one).

Riders get one hour to practice the lap once they have registered giving them the opportunity to learn sections and obstacles to then work on their race strategy. This time also allows “newer” riders to potentially overcome a fear or learn a new skill like riding down a set of stairs or confidently riding over a bridge or through a whoop section.

The great part of the Eliminator Series is it puts all riders on a more level playing field as most riders(especially as they have youth on their side) can be competitive over the short distance and there is no real “favourite” to win as racing is tight and the smallest mistake can cost you a position but open the door for a new podium contender. It is also great for newer participants to the sport as they don't get “left behind” and are urged on and encouraged by fellow team mates and spectators as they make their way around the course.

The courses all vary and have their own character and are not all necessarily on dirt. Each course will test the riders speed, stamina, power, bike skills and competitive spirit. The racing is bar to bar as riders jostle for the best lines heading into corners or narrower tracks. Don't be fooled by the “shorter” tracks, sprinting is no easy task, add in single track, short steep climbs, obstacles and hairpin corners accompanied by competitors all trying to advance and your legs will feel the burn.

Eliminator is spectator friendly, you get the opportunity to get up close to the racing and as the tracks are shorter they are pretty much 90% visible from standing in one spot, so you will be able to witness and cheer on your rider for majority of the race.

As with all events, they are not possible without the support of sponsors and we are pleased to continue our ongoing partnership with Trek Bikes, Fox Racing, Skullcandy and OGIO who as per previous years will shower the participants with incredible prizes. The Junior Eliminator Series also welcomes Frog Bikes as well Bontrager, who will be providing a R10 000 voucher to the winning school team for custom kit in each province.

The Series kicks off in the Western Province with the first event being held on Sunday 24 April 2016, followed by Sunday 1 May 2016. Entries are open and can be done online at It is only R150 which covers both events, all entrants will be entered into the raffle draws at each event to stand a chance to get their hands on some of the amazing product supplied by our sponsors.