The team has been selected as part of the track cycling commission’s 2016/2020 strategy and using the selectors’ discretion.

Men’s Team Sprint discipline:

Kyle Borchjes

Men’s Team endurance discipline:

Bronwin Adams

Jevandré Pauls

Josh Burchel

Morné van Niekerk

Shameeg Salie

Women’s Team Sprint discipline:

Odette van Deventer

Women’s Team endurance discipline:

Chante van der Merwe

Mikayla Oliver

Monique Gerber

Sonja Kritzinger

Reserve: Men’s Sprint & Endurance event:

Charles Mathewson

Non-travelling reserves for the men’s Endurance events:

Graham Ockhuis

Estephan Kotze

As its pathway forward and part of Cycling SA’s 2016/2020 vision, the Cycling SA track cycling commission’s focus is on the Team Pursuit and Team Sprint events rather than on individual events. This has allowed for the inclusion of a team of cyclists whom will then be nominated to ride in the individual events.

For any further information, please contact Cycling SA Track Cycling Director Roger Bouton on 082 801 0044 or