The recent Rural Animal Welfare project at Jolivet Farm just outside Highflats was a resounding success for the KAP sani2c as they sponsored all of the medicine used to spay and neuter over 90 dogs as well as inoculate over 400 more. Carl de Heer/ Gameplan Media

Jolivet Farm, the venue of the KAP sani2c second stage’s overnight stop, provided the ideal venue for the locally driven Rural Animal Welfare project to continue the good work that they do amongst the dog-owning community of these rural areas where little to no care is readily available for animals.

“I have lived in Ixopo and I see what these dogs go through!” founder Sally Hayter explained.

“Glynnis Shewan and I were given the opportunity to raise money and so we decided that animal welfare was an area that we were both passionate about and that is how we started Rural Animal Welfare.”

As the initiative started to take shape, Hayter realised the importance of getting others that shared her passion for animal welfare to join the project and luckily was were able to find a vet that was just as enthusiastic about caring for these rural animals.

“We approached Lauren Williams, our local vet, and she explained how she had been wanting to do something similar to this so immediately got involved.

“All of the people that are involved are here on a voluntary basis but are incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about treating these animals!” Hayter added.

Many of the locals in the community surrounding the Jolivet Farm and beyond bought their dogs through to be spayed and neutered as part of the KAP sani2c sponsored drive orchestrated by the Ixopo based Rural Animal Welfare project to treat dogs and educate the community about the importance of animal welfare. Carl de Heer/ Gameplan Media

Non-profit organisations and community projects often have to rely on big business to thrive and with such a high demand for the service that Hayter and her team provide, it was a perfect opportunity for the KAP sani2c to lend a helping hand.

“We have got so many dogs that we need to help and we have to rely solely on donations and volunteers to do our jobs.

“When we approached Mandy Haw and the KAP sani2c team we were thrilled by how quick they were to get involved!

“They have sponsored all of the medicine that was needed and they were incredible in hosting us at Jolivet for the weekend and providing such a great environment for us to treat as many dogs as we possibly could.

“We are always going to have to revisit these areas and continue the work we do because it is important that we don’t let these owners slip back into the ways of the past, but this recent effort has been a greats step in the right direction!” a passionate Hayter added.

Teaching the local people the importance of treating their dogs is of major importance for Hayter as this prevents issues reoccurring in the future.

“We managed to sterilize 92 animals, which were mainly female dogs but we got a few males too as well as a handful of cats.

“We had vehicles fetching and returning dogs because they are often too weak to walk after the procedures so it was really something to behold, especially considering that we managed to inoculate, deworm, deflea and inject over 400 dogs on the day!” she added happily.

For Mandy Haw and the KAP sani2c team, the value of getting involved in an initiative like the Rural Animal Welfare project is priceless.

“The local people see how much healthier their dogs are following this treatment, which is a positive sign, and will hopefully mean a continued awareness of the importance of these treatments for dogs,” Haw said.

“After the success of the first two drives we are hoping that we will be able to do another one in October and Jolivet provides us with the perfect environment for the operations with its central location.

“Trying to get into the deeper parts of the Umkomaas Valley is going to be difficult but we are hoping that we can carry on these projects right the way along the race route!” she concluded eagerly.

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