KZNMTB Provincial Cup Series Elite Men's winner and defending champion Stuart Marais (centre, front) will be heading to Aloe Wildlife Estate to battle it out at the 2017 KZNMTB Provincial Championships on Saturday 24 June. Gavin Ryan/QuickPix

Defending Champ and overall 2017 Cup Series Elite Men’s winner, Stuart Marais, will be heading to the trails with guns blazing ready to battle it out with some of the province’s best cross-country fanatics.

Other names to look out for are those Cup Series winners such as Master Men’s winner Andrew Mackinnon and Grand Master Women’s winner Francis Marsburg. Cian Leveridge and Tiffany Keep always give their all in the Junior category and Sub Junior overall winner Chloe Bateson has had an impressive season so far. Travis Stedman and Sabine Thies have wracked up top honours in the Youth Categories.

ccs-62657-0-53098500-1497016933.jpgA name to look out for in the Youth category, Sabine Thies, will be in action at the 2017 KZNMTB Provincial Championships at Aloe Wildlife Estate on Saturday 24 June. Gavin Ryan/QuickPix
Sean Merredew and Nadine Nunes are top scorers in the Sub Vet's categories, and Ewan Cochran and Natalie Bergstrom are strong names in the Veteran's category. The U23 supporters will be looking at names like Komborero Bere, Dean Wortman and Christie-Leigh Hearder.

Aloe Trails, close to the Lion Park, is an exquisite venue owned by hosts Hennie and Erika, which caters to mountain bikers, runners and hikers alike. There is a variety of wildlife on the reserve to spot, and the aloe plants which surround the area are truly something to behold.

There are fantastic ablution facilities available, and a great restaurant for those who need some replenishments after their ride. Those who are coming to either ride or support are reminded to please drive carefully on the Lion Park road, as there are animals that roam freely in the area.

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