The local MTB club will assist with marshalling and waterpoints to raise funds for their trail building in the area. Amarider is a recreational trails advocacy group focused on improving trail opportunities on the African continent and proceeds of the event are channelled directly to trail projects. Amarider is focused on improving trail construction standards around the country and assist various mountain bike clubs to ensure that their trails are safe and environmentally sustainable.



Registration starts on Thursday at Oakdale Club in Bellville between 2.30pm & 6pm. Participants that register on Thursday or Friday will receive extra goods with their pack. Friday registration is at Dirtopia Trail Centre on Delvera farm near Stellenbosch between 12h00 & 18h00. Limited event long sleeve T-shirts will be available to buy as well.




Apart from a large race support contingent, your supporters can assist you at 4 easy to reach spectator points on the day. This makes it perfect for your family and friends to be part of the day and allows you to break your effort into achievable segments.
The route consists predominantly of flowing and fast-rolling dirt road. With 2400m of climbing over the day, it certainly is not flat but very few riders struggle to make cut-off.

Riders should have a good idea of their fitness levels by now, to make a call on which distance they are going to tackle.

There are a few considerations you should consider, when choosing your distance:
1) There are accessible spectator points
Friends and family can drive to 4 spectator points spread roughly 30km apart to support you on your quest. Mentally this makes a huge difference as you don’t have to stress about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere having to wait for a sweep vehicle.
2) 50% of the climbing comes in the last 40km
The 2 Kasteelberg climbs after the last waterpoints are serious. Most riders start experiencing fatigue issues after the 120km mark anyway so keep in mind that you have a lot of climbing to do towards the end. This counts for 50 Miler participants as well as you are doing the 2nd half of the full course. These to climbs are clear on the profile, but don’t underestimate the smaller climbs on the way to the finish.
The high pace and relatively easy course of the first half of the race tend to make riders ride outside their comfort zones, and they pay the price later in the day.
3) Average speed and cut-off: to make cut-off you need to maintain 16km/h. This is not difficult over the terrain and most riders make the 10h30 cut-off. Unless of course you are pulled off on route. Riders that are pulled are normally ready to get onto the sweep wagons! 50 miler riders don’t have any official cut-offs as you are ahead of the 100 miler riders by some margin. Many will however get caught by the leaders of the 100 Miler.


As with any endurance event fuelling your body is the most important part of a successful day. It is important to always stay topped up by eating regularly and not putting your reserves in debt at any stage. Fatigue makes it difficult to eat so be sure that you do a few long rides to test your race day snacks. Avoid high sugar/caffeine gels as far as possible because once they stop working you’ll experience the lowest of lows!

Good luck with the last week of training - these autumn days are perfect to bank some big miles before winter sets in.