Loosefest Teaser

A few changes and additions have made things look even crazier than before and it looks like we're in for an amazing week of riding.

Lines like Loosefest don't exist anywhere else, so it's the only time of year anyone can ride jumps this big, so even to the best they never get any less scary.

"They're pretty shocking when you look at them, they're so intimidating."

This makes the appeal even bigger for riders wanting to see and try it for themselves.

"Think most of them are just keen to ride the line. They heard stories of it being big, but it's actually super good, but scary as well. A lot of them doubt, but usually, when they show up they get it."

So many of the worlds best riders make it out every year and this year is no different, even a few new faces have popped up and can't wait for the riding to start! Even the people's champ, dirt bike wild man Tyler Bereman is coming straight from X-Games to shred with the boys again.

"I'm super happy with the turn out this year, like I always tried, for example, to get Bryceland here and he finally made it over. One of my favorite riders by far, so it's cool to see him here."


Loosefest Warm Up Session

Working on lines this scale is a feat on its own, most trail spots could probably be made out of the dirt from one landing, but experience, friends, big machinery and lots of passion gets the job done! Refreshing the line is a huge task, but you need something new/different to keep the regulars on their toes. Some changes have been made and lots of fun additions on the bike park line have made it way more fun to warm up

"It took us like over a week to make it look like it is now... we moved the bottom lip for the last hip out, so it's bigger because we were breaking into that. We keep trying to step it up, it gets harder. It's not that easy to go bigger, it takes time. This year we'll do it basic and go slightly bigger."

Lots of riders have arrived already and lots more coming over the next few days and is looking to be another jaw dropping week of riding!