The guys warmed up fast and didn't waste time getting sideways on the top 3 jumps. Soon enough someone had the courage to test the new hip at the bottom and that man was Tom Isted. With the most airtime of any jump on course, the guys were flying for over two seconds! It wasn't long before they were comfortable enough to send dome tricks over it too.

On Friday evening, just as everyone was settling into the line Remy Morton had his first go at the bottom hip and went too far and nose heavy and had a really horrible crash. He is stable and in good hands and all the boys are sending him the best wishes for a smooth recovery. That ended the session with everyone shaken and the focus on making sure our friend was ok.

With word of lots of rain on Sunday, Saturday was our last opportunity to session the beasts and it was the most amazing session of the week. Everyone comfortable on the jumps and it was sideways central with Tom Isted flipping the 2nd almost every run and Bas van Steenbergen whipping both ways with ease. Sam Reynolds, king of the leanies, was getting the bike completely over his head and doing the sickest turn-ups on the 3rd. Tyler Bereman was also sending it with the boys with his trademark style and ended the event with a huge 1 footed whip over the big MX jump at the third.

The crowds were treated to an amazing day of riding and the vibe with the group of riders was so good! Chilled, but when business time was here, they sent it like champions!