Recovering from a bout of flu, Millar said, “I’m super keen to do the Downhill race of course, but in terms of the Enduro on the Saturday, I will have to make a call closer to the time as I am suffering with the flu, which isn’t ideal,” he said.

Downhill enthusiast, Mark Millar, is keen to hit the hills with horns when he competes in the 2016 KZNMTB Provincial Downhill and Enduro Championships – presented by Greg Minnaar Cycles, which takes place this weekend at Cascades MTB Park in Pietermaritzburg from 2-3 July.Photo Credit: Paul Botma

Millar took the win at the final Downhill instalment of the KZNMTB Provincial Downhill and Enduro Series in the Sub-Vets Men category, ahead of good friend Nigel Hicks. “The competition between us is and always will be super friendly. We do it because we enjoy riding our bikes down hills. To be brutally honest both of us would love to win, but we’ll give it a go and see how it goes,” he said.

When chatting about the track, Millar said: “Nige may have some advantage as he was Masters World Champion at that venue. I’ll definitely give it a go and see how it turns out. Regardless of what happens on the day, both of us will be sharing a beer at the end of it.”

For Millar, the essence of Downhill racing is “a bunch of like-minded people coming together trying their hardest to go as fast as they can”.

“Whether it be in top 10, or not in top 10, it’s about pushing yourself. Maybe it’s getting a corner set up right and going through it as fast as you can, or hitting a jump that you weren’t able to jump before. It all comes down to personal progression on a bike that will help you go faster and ride better.”

Although there have been changes to the said Downhill track, the Enduro course is still a secret, according to track designer Mark Sydney. There will be no practicing permitted at all on the Enduro course on Friday. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in time penalties on race day. Practice is only allowed on race day (Saturday 2 July) from 08:00-10:30.

A final decision was made on Monday to revert to the 2011 World Cup track for the Downhill Championship event due to logistical reasons. Downhill event organiser, Nigel Hicks, made the post on social media platforms asking other riders to spread the word about the track change as mentioned in our previous story. The track will be trail bike-friendly.

The once-off 2016 KZNMTB Provincial ENDURO and DOWNHILL Championships – presented by Greg Minnaar Cycles, is taking place at Cascades MTB Park in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July respectively.

More information and entry details can be found here: