Minnaar’s illustrious downhill racing career has dubbed him as one of the most consistent riders on the world circuit. This feat goes without saying, as Minnaar’s accolades include 3 World Championship titles, 16 Downhill World Cup victories and 61 Downhill World Cup podiums from 99 starts in his 14-year career. Minnaar has nine Downhill World Champion medals in total – 3 x gold, 3 x silver and 3 x bronze.

Fort William has always felt like Minnaar’s home away from home over the years. Since he began his professional career in the United Kingdom, it is somewhat fitting that his 100th World Cup event is taking place at the Fort. “The only venue that could be more special racing my 100th World Cup would be Pietermaritzburg. So yes, I'm excited for it.”

When asked about his most memorable World Cup race in his career, Minnaar says: “That’s a hard one to answer, but I would have to go with my first World Cup win at home in Pietermaritzburg in 2009. There is no better feeling than winning at home.”


Not only have the downhill courses become more technical and creative over the years, but so too has the equipment. “Technology has progressed a lot!” says Minnaar. “It's gotten more professional over the years and we have been pushing the boundaries of technology. It's kinda cool to see the directions technology was going, then making a drastic turn and going a completely different direction.”

On behalf of Cycling South Africa and the entire South African cycling community, we wish Greg all the very best for his 100th UCI World Cup this weekend!

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