Dear Cycling Fan,

With less than six weeks to go before the 2012 RockyRoads UCI MTB World Cup Pietermaritzburg presented by Shimano event gets underway, the local team here is already in high gear and lots and lots of work is underway.

This is the third time that we will stage the opening round of the UCI MTB World Cup in Pietermaritzburg and obviously this year has special pertinence as at the same venue we are also staging the 2013 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships, and as was recently announced by the UCI, so too will the 2013 UCI MTB Masters World Championships which will be staged a week prior to the elite event.

Our aim is always to stage the best event possible, but in 2012, we really do need the support of as many cycling enthusiasts in KZN as possible, to make the event just that little bit better in preparation for next year. We hope that most of you will make the trip to Pietermaritzburg mid March if at all possible to see the MTB best riders in the world battling it out – even if you are not a MTB rider yourself… Pietermaritzburg is one of only ten venues on the planet that has a MTB World Cup event in 2012 – don’t miss out!!

The event venue is in the process of getting a bit of an overhaul and Nigel Hicks who deals with all matters DH and Nick Floros who is in charge of the XC are hard at work implementing some of the tips and suggestions that have been passed on to them since the last event to improve the courses.

Full maps and layouts of the newly designed courses are available on the event website at so check out the improvements there.

A lot of attention this year is also being given to the main event area and roads with many tons of decomposed granite being delivered to the venue to weatherproof the venue as much as can be done. The same material will also be applied on all the uphill sections of the XC course and also to the middle section of the DH course so this too should improve the experience at the event.

The information that follows here will hopefully assist you and give you some background on the event and we hope to see you at Cascades from 16th – 18th March 2012.

All the very best

Alec Lenferna

Event Director

Event Website

For more comprehensive information about the event and the linked entities, the official event website is live and fully operational and can be viewed at> .

Event Tickets

Visit http://csams.cycling....aspx?CEID=1486 to purchase tickets online (until the end of February; online tickets carry a substantial discount up to 20% depending on your needs). For ticket package options, visit Tickets will also be on sale at the event itself and days where tickets will be required are the 16th, 17th & 18th March 2012.

Event Maps & Route Profiles

Visit for full maps and layouts of the newly designed courses.

Event Schedule

Visit http://www.mtbworldc...a/schedule.html to see the full event schedule.