“This move is inline with Stage N9NE’s strategy to focus on our export brands,” commented Vincent Durand, Managing Director of Stage N9NE.

“Kalas was introduced to the South African marked by Stage N9NE distribution and we've been proud to be associated with a high quality European clothing brand,” he added. “This brand has sponsored a number of local athletes including PYGA Euro Steel, of which Phil Buys is member.”


Indeed, Buys has been riding in the kit as pro racer since before the formation of PYGA Euro Steel, when KALAS signed as technical cycling kit and casual clothing partner to the Scott Factory team back in 2016.

“Phil has a great affinity with the brand and understands it and the products very well. We’re confident he and his team will be able to carry it through the legacy of high quality product at fair price with good service,” Durand said.

Buys who is still racing professionally for PYGA Euro Steel Phil has spent the past few years setting up a business platform under the Phil Buys Sports banner with the long term view of offering stability and longevity for himself and his team mates.

“We’re really privileged and honoured that Vincent and Stage N9NE choose us to take over the brand here in South Africa and I’m really excited to now be a bit more directly involved with one of the brands that we represent through the team,” Buys said.

“We’re working to build something that is sustainable in the long run and something that creates opportunities for our riders in the team to get involved in and work on, even after their riding career. This fits in well with that long term plan.”

According to Buys the structures they already have in place with the team are well suited to handle the Kalas brand here in South Africa and the transition will be slick. “We have the business structures, as well as the promotional and media structures already, so it is nice to plug the brand into those resources.”

“What is perhaps even more exciting is that it really is a quality product,” he added. “We’ve been riding in the kit for more than five years - it is kit we want to use and we know how good it is, so that makes it really easy to sell the product with confidence,” he concluded.