In a very exciting development, organisers are pleased to announce a partnership with Malmesbury Fietsryklub, that will see the locals provide support services to the race in return for financial remuneration and support with their trail expansion program.


According to Meurant Botha, director of Amarider, the club has been very active in getting singletrack built in and around the town and Amarider cannot be happier for the event to support this great initiative in the host town of Malmesbury.

“We are certain that having the locals on route will add a lot of spirit to the day” said Botha. Check out their activities at

The 100 Miler was created to become a primary fundraiser for the organisation. Amarider is a recreational trails advocacy group focused on improving trail opportunities on the African continent and proceeds of the event are channeled directly to trail projects.

The Malmesbury MTB Club will provide marshals and manage the refreshment stations that are supported by Enduren Nutrition and Powerade/Coke. 100Miler entrants get breakfast and lunch stops, while 50Miler riders will also be able to fuel up with snacks like fruit, jellies and potatoes.

Of interest is the fact that the 50 Miler is currently slightly more popular, and why not. Starting at Delico Butchery at a more reasonable hour for an 80km flip around the picturesque Kasteelberg, does seem a fair bit more pleasant than going the full distance.

Of course, if you have bucket list issues the full 100 is the only way to go. The route has proven itself as very achievable but with the course record on the new route at 06h02 it certainly is not for the unprepared. In 2015 the route designer moved the finish area to the much more spacious Malmesbury Showgrounds resulting in a slight bump on the route profile right at the end!

The best thing about the day’s racing is the fact that friends and family can make a road trip out of it and visit regular spectator points. This not only involves the loved-ones with your tough day out, but also gives you a bit more mental comfort that help is never too far should the day become a bit much on either body or bike.

The 160km (100Miler) route is divided into three sections of approximately 55km with two compulsory timing checkpoints. While the competition is based on solo riders completing the entire course these riders can form 4-man teams and enjoy a day out with mates on a saddle (of course)! The team results will be based on the 4th rider crossing the line thereby encouraging teamwork and camaraderie.

For enquiries, contact Dirtopia Trail Centre at or 0218844752.
Good luck with getting that medal!