The prestigious event, which caters for boys born between 1997 and July 2003 and girls born 1995 to July 2003, is the largest youth race on the Irish Cycling Calendar. Endorsed by both Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster, each body is represented by their own handpicked teams, with teams from as far afield as the Spanish Basque Country and South Africa competing.

Paarl-based Yorkshire Cycling Academy was successful in creating an opportunity for their youngsters to participate in the cycling tour, represented by team riders Ayrton De Leeuw, Keanu Slinger, Luc Green, George Perrins, Kyle De Wet and Joshua Francis, the team captain.

“The Errigal International Youth Cycling Tour was definitely an eye opener for the young Yorkshire Academy team,” said Yorkshire Cycling Academy Chairman Ian Goetham. “The boys raced hard and all came away from the three-day, 4-stage tour having gained valuable experience.”

Experience included the dynamics of working as a cycling team, and the role in the set-up of a team, both on and off the bike.

“Our under-16 rider Slinger achieved a top-15 result in stage 2 of the u16 category, and he was also the best Academy rider at the tour. The benchmark was definitely set and the boys will be working harder to achieve better results,” Goetham said.


“This is unquestionably a highlight in their short cycling careers,” continued Goetham. “I am proud to say that the Yorkshire Cycling Academy is doing ground-breaking work and its operations are strong and community driven, since it was established in 1919.

“With a sound structure, hands-on approach and committed group of individuals investing time, money and resources into the Academy structure, the riders can be assured of success if they truly commit. Exceptional groundwork has been laid to build on and keep the positive momentum at the Academy going,” said Goetham.

Summary of results – Errigal International Youth Tour, Ireland

U16 – Stage 1
31 Keanu Slinger
47 George Perrins
48 Joshua Francis
73 Luc Green
76 Kyle De Wet

U16 – Stage 2 [Hill Climb TT]
40 Keanu Slinger
42 Kyle De Wet
59 George Perrins
69 Joshua Francis
78 Luc Green


U16 – Stage 3
12 Keanu Slinger
42 George Perrins
43 Joshua Francis
46 Kyle De Wet
64 Luc Green

U16 – Stage 4 [Criterium]
34 Joshua Francis
45 Keanu Slinger
46 George Perrins
51 Kyle De Wet
64 Luc Green

U14 – Stage 1
61 Ayrton De Leeuw

U14 – Stage 2 [Hill Climb TT]
60 Ayrton De Leeuw

U14 – Stage 3
63 Ayrton De Leeuw

U14 – Stage 4 [Criterium]
67 Ayrton De Leeuw