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DualX events are designed to accommodate all ages, with four distances to choose from:

Full: 5km trail run, 30km mountain bike, 2.5km trail run
Half: 2.5km trail run, 15km mountain bike, 1.25km trail run
Quarter: 1.25km trail run, 7.5km mountain bike, 750m trail run
Bratz (Under-8 kids race)

More than 1 000 athletes normally take part in DualX events in Gauteng, either as Solo or Relay Team competitors. The DualX events are designed to be challenging, but not too formidable, encouraging participation across all levels of fitness, skill and experience. The DualX Knysna will be limited to 1500 participants. The child-minding service at each event enables parents of small children to be able to enjoy peace of mind while participating.

“There has been a great demand for us to take the DualX Series to other provinces. The addition of a fifth event to the 2016 Knysna Oyster Festival programme is a step in that direction and will be used to gauge the level of interest outside of Gauteng. Our intention was always to establish the DualX events in Gauteng first, before considering expansion to other provinces. We are looking forward to bringing this exciting event to Knysna!” said Fritz Pienaar of Advendurance, the company that organises the DualX Series.
“Due the existing business relationship between Pick n Pay and Momentum we are delighted to now take the popular Momentum Health / Oatwell Dual Cross Series to this world class festival. The Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster festival forms part of a series of events that we co-sponsor with Pick n Pay.” - Carel Bosman, Head of Sponsorships for Momentum

The DualX Knysna event will take place on Thursday, 7 July during the school holidays.

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