David Baloyi, Given Mkwayi, Happy Mkwayi, Ephraim Zimbili, Johannes Malejane, Freddie Mkwayi, Reginald Kiti, Classwell Muleya-Ptazwe, Ephraim Monageng Matsemela and Malekutu Jack will be joining celebrity ‘Safe Cycling’ ambassadors DJ Fresh and Gugu Zulu in the PPA’s “Stay Wider of the Rider” start group at the race.

“Youth cycling is a particular focus for the Pedal Power Association,” explained PPA CEO Robert Vogel. “A bicycle allows youngsters to explore and channel their energies in a positive manner. We are pleased to support an enthusiastic and passionate group of riders such as Legadima and wish them luck and fun at the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge.”

The team will be riding in PPA’s highly visible “Stay Wider of the Rider” cycling shirts and brand new helmets, also sponsored by the PPA.

For these youngsters, cycling has been a lifesaver which has given them something positive to focus on. "Cycling has become a safe space for me to destress and refresh my mind,” explained team member Reginald Kiti. “When I am with the team, I feel at home with them; it feels like a community. We have grown as a team. We look out for each other, and that helps us to bring positive things out of our circumstances," he added.

The enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle, linked to fitness and the camaraderie on group rides has become a priority in the Legadima team’s lives. "Cycling means a lot to me. It changed my life into a positive one. If it wasn't for cycling, in the community that I live in, I would be doing drugs or alcohol. It has taught me the importance of teamwork, the desire to help others, and endurance. It's a great reason to stay off the streets and away from the bad things around me. It taught me discipline and the importance of time management. Even if I don't ever win races, I still praise myself for leading a healthy lifestyle through cycling," said team member Freddie Mkwayi.

“We are honoured to have DJ Fresh and Gugu Zulu riding in support of our ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ campaign, and that they are role models for the Legadima team,” Vogel said. “We appeal to cyclists and motorists alike to share the road in a respectful manner and to always be mindful of each other whenever they are out on the road.”

The Pedal Power Association, with more than 15 000 active members, is a Public Benefit Organisation committed to promote cycling and the interests of cyclists. “Our influence and interest spans across recreational road and off-road cycling events and initiatives; supporting cycling community projects; lobbying for the interests of cyclists' safety and rights; assisting communities to develop through cycling; and encouraging our youth to cycle,” Vogel concluded.