With a proven track record and previous experience with Sensus Grips, and YT USA, PYGA felt that the squad from Reno would be the best team for the job. PYGA USA will continue with the philosophy of being approachable, knowledgeable, and offer the best customer service in the business.

PYGA USA will be selling bikes through a Direct hybrid sales model. Riders will be able to purchase directly through, and have bikes shipped to their home, or have a bike shipped directly to a dealer and have it built for them at a shop of their choice (contact PYGA USA for details A huge emphasis will be placed on customer service, and helping riders achieve their maximum level of fun. The Reno Squad are all REAL riders with huge amounts of experience that will help customers with all aspects of bike setup. Bikes and frame options will be available and ready to ship in June 2018.

Original raw OneTen29 from 2012.

The South African brand based in the small town of Howick, just outside of Pietermaritzburg, design and manufacture world-class mountain bikes that have a race proven pedigree to handle the rigours of the world’s toughest stage race to the gnarliest Enduro course. The line of bikes includes both 27.5” and 29” wheels sizes, with travel ranging from 100mm to 170mm to handle the majority of riding genres. PYGA bikes have both a strong XC/marathon background with the South African Team PYGA Euro Steel placing 7th in the 2017 Cape Epic, and 12th in 2018. With a proven track record of winning every other stage race in 2017 the STAGE has more than proven its ground amongst the world’s best.

Recent additions to the range are the SLAKLINE (Enduro/Bikepark) and HYRAX (Trail/Light Enduro) rigs.

With almost 20 years of bike design behind Pat, primarily in the field of Downhill there is no lack of heritage in the brand. It’s no wonder that PYGA has such a strong DH influence from Pat Morewood’s DH racing background, having designed the much-acclaimed MAKULU that was used by team MOREWOOD UNITED RIDE almost 10 years ago under the likes of Nathan Rennie, Mitch Delfs and Mick Hannah.

The first time I saw a SLAKLINE on my computer, I immediately started to find out where and when I could get one. A week later, a mutual friend of Patrick and mine asked me if I had heard of PYGA Bikes and knew of Pat Morewood? I told him, I actually want to buy one. I was then introduced to Pat, ordered a few sample frames, and tested the bikes. Every step of the way the bikes have impressed me more and more. From when we first unpackaged the frames, to the ease of assembly, and to actually riding the bikes on the trails, the bikes kept getting better. PYGA makes a very refined, practical, and most importantly fun bike. That is why we chose to work with PYGA. Howie Zink

We are super proud to be associated with such a passionate team of guys. The first time I had a message from Howie, I was a bit star struck. To have a legend like him contact us was a big deal. We are just regular guys and girls trying our best at what we love doing and the break into the USA is massive for us. PYGA is still a niche brand competing on the world arena. In a cool kind of way we are fortunate that South Africa has the largest Marathon and competitive mountain biking community in the world. We are therefore able to test and race our bikes in some of the most challenging and harsh conditions in the world. 3 years ago, we pioneered what is now regarded as the “current trend” in this shorter travel category of bike with huge success here at home. We also pioneered our Proprietary Plus5 chain line concept.

We are an innovative Brand that prefer to lead. As we say, “RIDE DIFFERENT. Pat Morewood