The anthem was created by South African musicians Mark Cheyne and Monde Msutwana. KubaKuba is a simplification of Qhuba Qhuba, meaning ‘pedal pedal’. It’s derived from Qhubeka’s name, an Nguni word that means “to progress” or “to move forward”. It was chosen because of Qhubeka’s belief that bicycles help people move forward – with a bicycle, a person can travel faster and further, and carry more.

“You can’t be involved in cycling and not know about Team Dimension Data and Qhubeka. I had dreamed of writing a song that Qhubeka would love,” says Cheyne, music composer, producer and a keen cyclist.

Cheyne paired up with friend and singer/songwriter Msutwana, who is currently voice coaching for The Voice SA, and the duo has produced a song that is Pan-African and very catchy. KubaKuba can be purchased for download on iTunes and is also available as a ringtone on the Apple store, with 50% of profits going towards funding bicycles for Qhubeka’s learn-to-earn and work-to-earn programmes. Supporters can also enjoy the YouTube video below:

“We were thrilled to hear our song would be played on the global stage at the Tour de France,” says Cheyne. “We hope it will bring more awareness to what Qhubeka and Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka is doing to change people’s lives using bicycles.”

“It was good fun making this track, and it’s special to make music that is part of a bigger purpose,” says Msutwana. “We believe pairing our passion for music and for Africa with Qhubeka’s vision of changing lives with bicycles is a winning combination.”

Team Principal at Team Dimension Data, Doug Ryder, says sports and music have a shared ability to move, inspire and unite people. “Our team is proud to support Qhubeka, and it was an honour to let cycling fans around the world hear KubaKuba for the first time during our team presentation today.”

Riders at Team Dimension Data have had the opportunity to visit Qhubeka’s programmes to see the difference bicycles can make.

Daniel Teklehaimanot, Team Dimension Data rider from Eritrea, says, “This is a really nice song. It makes you smile when you listen to it and it is a special that this song is about our team and Qhubeka. I am sure it will give the guys good motivation at the Tour, but we will listen to it at all our races because every day we ride for Qhubeka.”

Here are the KubaKuba lyrics:

Qhubeka, Qhubeka, Qhubeka

Qhubeka, carry on, progress, Qhubeka
Qhubeka, moving forward, Qhubeka, Qhubeka
Kubakuba, kubakuba!
Qhubeka! Noma kunga mnyama (Though it may be dark)
Qhubeka! Ungaphel' amandla (Don’t lose power/strength)
Qhubeka! Noma kunga nzima (Though it may be hard)
Qhubeka! Ungaphel' amandla (Don’t lose power/strength)
Qhubeka! Noma kunga _ (Though it may be steep)
Qhubeka! Noma kunga mnyama (Though it may be dark)
Changing lives - Qhubeka
Never look back, don’t slow down - Qhubeka
Changing lives - Qhubeka
Moving forward, carrying on, never look back - Qhubeka!

Composed by Mark Cheyne & Monde Msutwana
Featuring Monde Msutwana
Produced by Mark Cheyne